Morning walk ritual

Every morning I walk through the rice-fields and jungle around the neighbourhood where we live.

When I walk onto the path I let the elements around me touch all my senses and feel like there is a seeming surface between them. The elements and my senses. The meeting. The wind, the fire from the sun, the earth under my feet, the water trickling in the subak and the spirit of it all. A seeming surface towards my skin, my smell, my sight, my listening. But actually no surface for real, it is just one pulsing heartbeat of life itself. Happening now. Unfolding sweetly and powerfully as this moment of life.

And I walk by. Listningen carefully to every step of it all. Listening to the wisdom of my own unique heartbeat and my own touchdown right here.

This is where I enter into the wild conversations of the day. And yes, it is me talking to me. Telling the deepest secrets, singing the sweetest songs, revealing the most important truths about what is happening right now. I tell of the dark, the light, the joy and the sorrow. I tell the details of my longing and the soaring of my celebrations. I say it all out (loud); giggle a bit, cry a little. I see it all and embrace it. I just spontaneously snatter it all into the air. I let the conversations touch on all parts of my life as if I swoosh over it all with my sense, collect the pieces of the seeming puzzle into one vibe of rhythm for the day coming up.

I source all my power right there, so that I can take one more step forward, by allowing all, ALL that is there as me to be cared for. No pieces pushed away or judged if they seem bad, no pieces hidden or squashed if they seem too good. Simply not giving a damn about the notion of good versus bad. Just being me. Naked and raw. Honest with me. A good place to start a raw conversation with everything ahead in the day to come. A good morning to me, and to you!