The dream-team

Lately I have gotten the honor to meet a lot of young adults coming through our home in Bali. They are on their own personal quests to expand the boundaries of their world, longing for what they intuit beyond the edges of the unknown. Each and every one of them have been such inspiration to my soul in the most deep sense when they have invited me into their life stories with a raw honesty blowing me away. I have been in awe of the power they all are alive with, which has taken them through the extreme pain of the system they are forced to entrust as they are seemingly educated into adulthood. 

Being invited into their worlds, a part of me just want to roar, scream, plead; damn world, wake up! Stop forcing all these amazing children to have to go through this torture of a system so entirely outdated. While breathing for a while, crying a bit and looking into their eyes... the roar turns into creative ideas I get ready to evolve. From that roar I find the love and I hold them simply saying; there is nothing wrong with you! Never has been! Never will be! It is the system which is wrong... those imposing it on you not knowing better.

This simple thing of letting them know just this one thing of "nothing is wrong with you" creates tears of relief. It opens in them a budding sense of being able to create a real own unique life. They sense that it might be possible to live in a way not suggested by the system and new things starts to take shape in the midst of the tears. 

This morning I woke up with a sentence formed in my mind, based in a dialogue from yesterday where the question of "What can I do?" was asked:

"Accept and relax into the darkness which is there… there, you are naturally rising up. There you will learn how to take care of yourself. You will learn the skills you need to learn, to do what you really want to do; one step at a time. Step by step. Do this together with other people whom you love and who truly cares for you…" 

I lie in the sweet light of the early morning and sense how obvious it is that we need people around us who truly cares for us. A dream-team of real lovers. Those who see into the core of, and beyond the edges of the limitations of what is normal.

For me, Ayisha and her cats are some of the given lovers of my personal dream-team and every time we can invite another being into our world I am so happy to take part of those tears. Tears which are opening to water the dried up soil created in the harsh grip of the system. As I had already seen the seeds lying there ready to sprout, although unnourished... I smile deeply when slowly the laughters and creative ideas start moving and coming forth. Then I know that there is nothing, nothing which can make flowers not to be born.