The Swedish School Refugees

This one is for those of you who are nerds (two hour long video) on issues like learning, freedom and the possibilities to follow your own sense of reality no matter what. And it is only for those of you who understand Swedish, unfortunately. 

A very inspiring woman Rebecka Koritz asked me a while back if I wanted to contribute to a panel discussion, which would adress the phenomenon of The Swedish School Refugees  As I admire what Rebecka is doing and am stunned by her immense power and life-journey, I said yes.

In 2012, when my daughter Ayisha was 7, and supposed to start school, we left Sweden and took off on a journey we did not know where it would lead us. Our pursuit was to feel the space of the most rugged wildness of freedom, which I sense is the ground needed to be able to live and learn what is truly important in life. Something like; how to take deep and solid care of ourselves and express our most unique creative gifts into this world. 

These are some photos of our first months as Nomads, in a land far away; finding nourishment, community and a rhythm in which the freedom of learning we were looking for was alive and kickin´. 

Now, six years have passed and the cool thing is; it is kind of working! We are still alive, always learning with passion and we are exited at the prospect of a brand new day and what it will hold for us. Every morning that is!

Ayisha is growing into such a curious, sweet, wise, funny and creative young woman. I am starting to mature, and receiving grey hairs, with a kind of dignity I would never have if we did not throw ourselves into this wild river of open intuition, wild trust and a bit of crazy creativity. 

I do not regret the choice of throwing us into that wild river for a moment... yet, when I was listening to the other women in this panel discussion it came clearer to me than ever what a horrible thing it is that our home-country did to us all, and our longing to take care of our children the way we wanted.

I know that Rebecka is onto something with a vision to change the laws in Sweden to create more freedom of choice when it comes to learning, so if this is something you are interested in dont hesitate to contact her.