a mystic artist creating resilient beauty from the inside out - in a flow of organic elegance. in every part of life.

In my work I am a deep listener, profound contemplator, vidid story-teller and wild muse. inspiring women, men, youth and children alike to live inspired, vibrant and authentic lives in closeness with nature, each other and personal values.

Since I was little, the only thing truly inspiring me has been the mystical in midst of day-to-day life. My journey through schooling became one of “the rebel” rising through the obviously unsustainable system the world presented.

My life journey is, and has been, filled with so much beauty, creativity, adventure and priceless meetings. There has been many breakdowns & breakthroughs, which has taken me traveling into the underworld of darkness for what needed to be harvested. In the early nineties, when finally out "on the other side of school" I was brought to an edge where a vibrant sense of the divine shook me into a free-falling consideration of radically living an exploration of the vision of a full potential human life. I was set on fire and since then life has been an ongoing adventure of vulnerable, mystical, wild unfolding of being/becoming the unique life-artist of my own daily life, whilst sharing with others through my creative work.

I started my first business when I was 14 and have been an entrepreneur since. To start inventing my own way of living/working/learning at that age was a big part of what made me find out how to live with the sense of freedom in a system that many times felt like a prison. My work is in the field of mystic inspiration and intuitive creativity while exploring ways to reinvent the human narrative fresh through collaborations based on reconnection to the rhythm of nature, deep listening, naked story telling and designing daily life with a sense of ritual.

For 28 years I have traveled many times around the world, created and lived in several intentional communities in Europe, the US, Australia and Asia, working with thousands of people in deep life-journeys and designing houses. This includes 13 years of the learning-journey I am on with my daughter Ayisha Temple, which is grounded in a free form of home-schooling (life-learning) which made us have to leave Sweden for seven years (as unfortunately home-schooling is illegal here). Since this spring we have chosen to come back to Sweden to be part of a wonderful school as a next step of creativity in this world.

We are gently rooting into nature, living in a beautiful home from the 1700th by a lake in the midst of the forrest with inspiring creative community around us. In Bali we also have a home in Trinity Gardens which is nestled between the jungle and the rice fields of Ubud, with our cat Shaman, our Balinese family and an expansive hub of international community.

In every part of my life I am exploring an embodiment of living my gathered wisdom in an inquiry that exceeds my wildest visions. Now, with ageing... it is getting more magic by the year. The grey hairs are starting to show and I am in awe of this special time of slowly becoming a mature woman.

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The wild wild wise ones

These two cuties are just simply part of my heartbeat in this lifetime. We can not but accept it and work together doing what we are. 

Susanna Nova
Founder & life artist

Ishi yes.jpg

Ayisha Temple
Wild child & filmmaker

Gita Minou
Muse & collaborator


Wonderfully cool beings
working with me on a few of my different projects


Michele Bevoort

Mia Körling 
Graphic designer

Claudia Henricks 

Ulrika Säljeby
Graphic designer

Helena Henriksson 

Richard Alma 



Elin Teilus
Songwriter & singer

Sanna Wigg
Communication strategist

Connect & Collaborate

Wild wild wise...

We are always looking to connect & collaborate with other wild wild wise ones... 


  • Love to be alive in Zion in the midst of the Matrix

  • Want to give it all into a mandala of synarchy and collaboration rather than a hierarchical system

  • Appreciate the unique divine fullness of each individual flowering as the only journey there is

  • Being a wild wild one; a poet, misfit or weird one, a music-maker, gypsy or rebel, a artist, dancer or any kind of soaring being.


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