Spirited Living is an invitation to the natural relaxation where our innocent mystery is uncovered. It is a call to allow the raw pain we often feel (by being in a system which does not support what we truly need). It is a sweet embrace where to let the pain in, and to let it break us down a little. It is a suggestion that when we do so we are making soil for the seeds of the most real questions about life & death, love & truth to get nourished and start to sprout in the most genuine way possible. 

In this space there is a possibility of curiously, with everything included, explore life with fierce honesty and a deep sense of wonder. It is here we are diving into the core of being human, to the place where we know our life-force as natural. Diving to the place where we question the normal notion of; "pray you do in church, make love you do in the bedroom and work you do in the office." In this deep dive it is so clear that this scattered approach to our life-force is put as a cover on top of our natural innocent play of living. With the natural ways we simply know that spirituality, creativity & sexuality are one movement of life, which is calling us to be ourselves while expressing our authentic creative gifts.

As human beings we manifest the meeting between space & form, stillness & movement, dark & light. This is one hell of a meeting-place to be alive as. When we find a way to continuously live in the dynamic of these seeming opposites, we are gracefully the wild ones; naturally rebellious by our pure existence. We are unstoppable and creative beyond anything called normal. We are radically innocent and mature, all in one full blast of playing like children. We are magic.

Spirited Living is a practical philosophy & methodology, which makes our lives come back to a kind of ground zero where we can feel all aspects of our lives; health, beauty, relationship and creativity, from a perspective of radical naturalness. The raw, naked, vulnerable, wild perfection of any given moment is our temple inspiring an inquiry that intimately weaves authentic beauty in our lives.

Here; every little detail of daily life is a natural ritual where we sense the simple authentic human living and dying, the real unconditional beauty.

In your meeting with me there is space to tell your story; what you are at ease with and what you are struggling with; nothing being too small or too big a deal, too ugly or too beautiful. All is taken in as simple nourishment for your journey of unfolding the unique creative being of beauty which you are. I will support you to be in a free fall of trusting your deepest intuition and most unique expression and finding  your real and honest vocation to blossom into the world.

I also do custom-made private retreats for small groups of minimum four. If you are a group of friends, work collaborators or family who would want to come together for a Spirited Retreat experience I can do it as any angle such as; Spirited Health, Beauty, Relationships or Creativity. Or a combination of themes. I hold these retreats in Trinity Gardens - Ubud, Bali or in Scandinavia.



You can bring any questions into the space I hold. I share my own experience to support you to find the fullest expression of your journey as a woman.

Being a woman is a mystery of artfulness that should never be taken for granted as something that “just happens” within the system of the world we currently reside in. The reason being that the main aim of the system itself is to eradicate the core qualities of this genuine sense of what real womanhood is about.

You Woman, is here, right now, as an authentic force of nature. Maybe you are aware of it with the full flesh of your being or you are just sensing it as a subtle flicker of your soul coming to life in the portal of your belly button. It does not matter, weather you sense it or not, the fact is; it is here.

My invitation is to hold a space where you can dive deep into the nuances, the colors, shapes and scents of what this most intimate and personal journey wants to reveal for you.

I also custom make programs if you would want to commit to a longer process of support. This program can be done in the setting of our magic place Trinity Gardens in Ubud, Bali which becomes like a personilized retreat.

The program consists of 5 sessions and covers an in depth journey of exploring your unique way of living your fullest potential. For a detailed description of the program, prices etc click the pink button. 

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What will you receive from taking part of this inqiry?

You will find a fuller connection to your unique source of nourishment as well as your most beautiful visions. Integrating these through a daily ongoing sense of ritual you will deepen in your recognition of truth and magic in your life. Through the continuous exploration of Spirited Living your life becomes very alive and vibrant. It will support you to relax into the feeling of being gently vulnerable and roaringly powerful at the same time. A more balanced and rich life in connection with your soul will start taking form. It might not feel easier but it will surely feel authentic and real.


You can bring any questions into the space of our meeting and I will use my own experience to support you to find the fullest expression of your unique journey as a mother.

My story as a mother started when I first had the sense of who my daughter was. This was about five years before she was born. My feeling was so clear of her soul knowing why she is coming to me and to Earth. From that moment the journey of motherhood has been one of deep vulnerability, unbelivable strength, profound love, humble learning and utmost surrender.

In my experience there is a way to be in relationship to your child which is of total spirited mutuality. It is a place to meet where our souls are obviously cooperating; where both of our needs are taken care of and where we both thrive in every sense of the word. This happens through the magnitude of experiences we have together and how we take care of them all; the full spectrum of the most difficult ones to the ones which are the most joyful. From this perspective the journey of motherhood is a profound unfolding of my personal spirited reality and my human healing and celebration.

I custom make a process for the unique needs of you and your family.

For a detailed description of the program, prices etc click the pink button. 

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I am inspired from my life being lived as a mystic, a poet and like a gardener of the real; in radical trust, vulnerable innocence and empowered creativity, with a force of pure rebellion of spirit.

We are all such amazing beautiful human beings, all awhile we are wounded beyond measure. Letting all of it be put into the middle of this alchemical unfolding is the recognition of ourselves as the exquisite simple seed we are. We know we need the dirty dark composting soil and the bright sunlight equally much for our unique divine blueprint to not only sprout, but to fully blossom on this earth. Being ourselves authentically, one step at a time, while we listen and learn how to live as vulnerable strength in the midst of an unsustainable system - this, I sense, as the most raw natural way of being human.

here is a sweet, first little collab that Ayisha and i did together.

much more is to come as we live and love... our creativity unfolds.